Who We Are

Evno has helped many businesses sell online effectively on online
stores by providing an easy and affordable way.

With our ready to use platform, anyone can create eCommerce stores very fast. A variety of templates are available to choose from. The user friendly and simple technology makes it easy for everyone to get online with an attractive, professional and functional web presence.

EVNO enables Businesses to:

At Evno, the experts remove the complexities of setting up an eCommerce Business, that is why managing your entire business is so easy at EVNO.

Start online store quickly

Manage all the transactions efficiently

Instant access to a variety of best looking themes

Manage unlimited products and inventory

Manage unlimited products and inventory

Goals & Mission

With a mission of “Selling Online in a simple way,” Evno’’ aims to offer an easy eCommerce platform where anyone can start online stores with their brand name instantly.

The people can sell concurrently on websites, social sites, mobile phones and marketplaces like Google. Offering an Online store that automatically adapts to a customers’ screen Size and making everything perfect for our customers is our mission.