11 Ways to Get Your First 1000 Customers

Creating a personal start-up is an increasingly common phenomenon, and you are definitely part of those people who have embarked on the adventure. Various factors may have led you to become your own boss; the excitement of bringing and developing an innovative idea into the business market, the fact that you are passionate about entrepreneurship or because, by failing to find a job, you have decided to create yours.

During the development stage of a business, each leader will determine his own strategy to successfully launch his business and get more customers. As a result, there are best ways to get your first 1,000 customers. Some of these include:

1. Create your community

Once a start-up is conceived, your next goal will be to make it known. For that, it's easy, talk about it to your family, your friends, your professional relationships, and your fellow students at the university or otherwise. Maybe you do not see any immediate interest in talking to them because they do not represent potential customers; however, remember that they will surely talk to their friends about your concept interests them

On the other hand, your entourage will be your first fan base on social networks. When prospects visit your pages, they will see that a community is already there and will be more likely to sign up. To begin, word of mouth will be your best ally.

2. Resort to gifts or free versions

You must have understood this: when you come to the market with an innovative product, or even if your product/service already exists, it will be difficult for you to praise its quality after your prospects; the problem being, you have no one to show his satisfaction with your product. This is why, like many others, you will have to offer a free version (trial period, free personalized quote, free consultation, etc.). Thus, your future customers will be able to test your product and, if they are satisfied, you will be able to start acquiring your first 1000 customers. Then you only have to collect testimonials from your first users, the "early adopters." These testimonials will help you to:

  • Highlight customer satisfaction to reassure and attract your future customers.
  • Improve your product based on comments /recommendations received by your users.

3. Optimize Improve and Innovate

Your product will never be perfect; no product can be, there will always be defects to correct, services to add or improvements to make. You and your product are for nothing, whatever you do, the trends and demands of the market will change over time. And if you do not adapt, your competitors will. Stay abreast of trends in your target market and make sure your product never becomes obsolete in order to stay competitive.

On the other hand, to go even further in improving your product, ask yourself what you can delete. The more obsolete features you remove, the more ergonomic your product will be. This also works well to attract a lot of customers nowadays. For example, Apple has made an obsession by constantly removing the features it deems useless.

4. Know your audience

To do this, collect each comment and take into account. Also, you must facilitate the means of communication between your prospects and you on your website (contact form, or Live Chat solution ...). Finally, if at the end of a meeting a prospect refuses to become a customer, try to understand why, and so, do not repeat your mistakes during your next interviews. Whatever happens, think about setting up a stimulus program to try to change your prospect.

5. Use the available new generation web tools

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google + are sites that speak to you inevitably, like many other professionals; this is why you must be present on social networks. To do this, it's easy: register and fill in the exact information, add professional and company-specific photos. Then, it will be your responsibility to update your information, publish content and articles related to your audience, and take part in group discussions related to your area of activity.

In other words, this task will not be easy. If you are short of time and experience in this area, you should hire the services of a "Community Manager"; otherwise, the desired results may not be achieved in the end.

6. Create quality content

Content marketing comes as a great way to get your first 1000 customers. By developing information that is truly useful, relevant and free, you establish yourself as an opinion leader. If you've got adequate funds, do take a positive step further by employing the services of a good article writer. Those same articles will continue to generate hundreds, maybe thousands, of new customers each month, without any additional effort.

7. Create suspense

Suspense is an excellent way to generate emotion before a release. Create a source of constant information about your new product or service. This will awaken the curiosity of people who want to know more, particularly if you release little information at once. Try to thrill people without revealing too much so as not to bore them.

8. Speak at conferences

It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but participating in conferences is an excellent way to introduce yourself and get your first 1000 customers. Become an expert on your subject and then contact event organizers and offer them a talk.

9. Keep your promise

This is one of the most important rules on how to get your first 1000 customers. Do not let your product be too good to be true. In simple language, and in the simplest way possible, explain exactly how your service works.

10. Unleash the fears of your prospect

There is no sale without objection. Every prospect may be eager to buy but still, have doubts. So you need to answer those doubts that live in the minds of customers. And you have to start identifying them. On many occasions, objections are often hidden in the form of questions.

So every time you're talking to a customer, listen carefully to the questions they might have.

11. Participate in a trade show

Do not miss any trade show where you can meet prospects. This is also part of your prospecting campaign.

Participating in a trade show is an essential tool to develop your reputation because it allows you to expand your contacts and therefore develop the database prospects. Having a booth at a trade show will allow you to make more contacts and present your product catalog.

In conclusion, getting your first 1000 customers is one of the main concerns for anyone opening a business, or even thinking about starting a project.

Currently, issues involving clients are widely approached in the market, whether by entrepreneurs, small businesses and even large corporations.

At the current juncture, in line with future prospects, one sees an increasingly competitive market, which will require companies to focus more on their main result: getting customers.

Although it sounds like something simple and obvious, defining who your customers are in your business and getting your first is 1,000 Customers is often a challenge, but with the tips above, this can now be perfectly handled.

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