7 Reasons Startup Needs Digital marketing Boost

Every business requires a strong online presence. If you are a start up, you must have to have a significant online base. This is required to attract new customers, to generate new leads and to make a good base. Start ups have very little resources. Digital Marketing provides a better and costs effective marketing channel. A question might come that why your business requires digital marketing or your clients are not searching for your business on the internet. Digital marketer should be adopted by every business and below are 7 reasons why your start up needs digital marketing boost:

1. Google is the place where people search:

There are 243 million internet users in India only and Google is the favorite place to search for anything. People search for everything on Google, whether they are planning to renew the vehicle insurance or they require some educational advice. People search for almost everything on Google. So if you have a strong presence over there, you might have a better opportunity having good leads.

2. Digital Marketing promote your business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week:

Somebody may visit your website when you are busy in other works and even when you are asleep. The Internet is a place where there is a huge traffic whole day every time. People are searching for their solutions and about everything on the internet. So it’s better if you have a solution for their problem over there.

3. Digital Marketing is cost-efficient when compare with traditional Marketing:

If you have a startup, you should have to maintain your expenses and investment. We think carefully before investing and want output which we are expecting. In this case, Traditional Marketing is what requires much money. On the other hand, Digital Marketing requires a lesser amount of money and targets for long term goals as well. 40% of small business owners claimed to get considerable saving by using digital marketing methods of promotions for their products and services, 28% of which are swift their marketing budget from traditional media channel and investing into digital media marketing tools and techniques.

4. Digital Marketing influence purchase decisions:

As per a survey, blogs are 63% more likely to influence people on their purchase decisions than magazines do. So if you have a blog for the related solutions, chances are more you can get better opportunities. As per social media today, 47% Americans accept that Facebook is the number one influencer of their purchase.

5. Digital Marketing helps to build customer’s trust:

People are searching for their problem on the internet, so if you have a solution mentioned on the web for them, they consider you as a solution for their problem and next time they got a same type of problem, chances are more that they choose you for their solutions. This increases your brand credibility. According to Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, 90% of respondent claimed they would trust information about a brand or product if the data comes from the people they know.

6. Digital Marketing helps you stay linked to your audience if you want to build a solid and loyal customer base online, you need to engage with the digital marketing. To involve with the customers, Blogs and social network platforms are most powerful tools.

7. Digital Marketing delivers conversion

As per research, online marketing small business gets Leads, subscriptions, and sales. Top priorities for digital marketing conversion are Content Marketing. And the 3 most popular ways that generate quick and effective interaction with the targeted audience are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

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