How Your Ecommerce Store Can Compete With The Big Brands And Grab Their Customers?

There was time when I started my own business and have the same question in mind and didn’t know what to do about this.

And I was like it is ok to lose business against your competitors and it will go this way.

But after a deep marketing analysis and experience, I realized that a Lot of startups are competing against huge successful companies. So you too shouldn’t be afraid to do this.

There are some ways which will help you set up your brand image in a way not be affected by your competitors or not even by Big Giants in your Industry.

Let’s keep it short and focus on the Action plan. Each of the below action plans will help you setup your strong presence among your target audience:

1. Be Unique:

If you want to set yourself apart from the massive competition, the best way to start is focusing your products to cater to a specific niche. As per a book ’22 Laws of Marketing’, you should create a sub-category under a business category you are trying to get in.

Amazon and Flipkart both brands are dealing in thousands of Products and their Marketing campaigns are designed in a way to attract customers by providing them a long range of Products. So what you can do is, focus on single Product Category or focus on a sub-category under a Business-category.

E.g. there is a business Category – Shoes, which further can be divided into Shoes for Men, Women and Kids. Men Shoes can further be divided as ‘Party Wear’, ‘Sports Shoes’ and ‘Sneakers’ etc.

or you can also create your own sub-category e.g. India’s biggest online Shoe Store’ .

In this way, you can setup your brand image for your Business Category.

2. Personalized Experience:

Big brands have lots of advantages over small business. But the one advantage a small business has is ‘personalize its customer experience’.

You can talk to every single Customer to ensure that you are building what your customers want. You can take their one to one Feedback.

3. Better Features:

As you are focusing on specific niche, you can design and manage your online store accordingly. You can provide in-detail information related to your Products e.g. Videos, 360-degree Images, Personal Written Manual, Product Comparison and Expert Opinion, and in-depth Customer Reviews.

4. Target Audience:

How Does Marketing work? In a business, you can divide your customers in three segments i.e. early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority.
Early Adopters are the people who love to try new launches. There are people for each product category who lie under this category.

There are people who love to buy the latest launches in Mobile and some love to buy new launches in Cars and some try new food.

Your marketing campaigns should be designed in a way to get more customers who are early adopters. Early Adopters are willing to take risks and try new things faster than others.

They are the people who try your product first and then recommend ‘Early Majority’ to try the same product by providing valuable feedback.

You can read here in details about ‘’how to make your marketing strategy for early adopters’’: Secrets of finding early adopters

5. Small Businesses get more benefits from Social Media: –

I love social media because it gives small businesses the opportunity to convey their identities and build highly personalized relationships with their audiences.

In many surveys, small business owners strongly agree that ‘Social Media’ is the biggest influencer for their Business.

Here are some strategies to use on Social Media:

Be authentic

Use a consistent tone and style for your brand

Share Values: Provide only useful and valuable content for your Customers

Beauty of Graphics: Use plenty of images (people respond favorably to visuals)

Analysis and Improvement: Use analytics to measure your results and make the necessary adjustments.

You also have some advantages over Big Brands: –

1. Big fish leaves a lots of Customers behind. That company was also a startup.

Then they build the best product and then hired great time and use great tool. This increased their overall cost and to go OK with this, they require to increase their average revenue per user. In the same way big companies don’t just focus on core products and add lots of more features and functionalities. They are not simple to use any more. Which some of users don’t like to go with?

2. Creativity: As a small business, you can try new things and you don’t need to go through triple layer of management to get approval to try something new.

So you can give your creative ideas and see what works for your business. You are allowed to go beyond boundaries.


I believe, today is the most exciting and fruitful time ever for small business owners. Lots of startups are growing faster than the big brands in their competition.

Even if you launched your startup recently and don’t have much marketing budget, you can still get ahead and create a huge exposure for your brand.

By using the power of Social Media and Google Search you can get traction in your industry and quality Leads for your Business.

I would love to listen from you about any other marketing strategy which can be helpful for small Businesses. Please share below.

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