What’s Tent-Pole Programming and how to make the most of it

Switch on the TV during the world cup and there’s very little you can do to escape the “World Cup Fever”. And when a major holiday is around the corner, the “holiday spirit” can be felt all around. Right from advertisements to TV shows, everyone is trying to cash in on the buzz that surrounds the events.

This practice of aligning content, especially YouTube videos, around popular events and trending topics are referred to, by the video marketing community, as tent-pole programming

Why it’s important to program your video marketing for tent-pole events

Now, for creating video content, you need to spend a significant amount of time researching keywords that your target audience would search for. Most of your content marketing strategy revolves around this. But if there are topics that you know people will be looking for, you could create videos that get discovered in searches (and the related videos section of YouTube). This will then lead them to your channel where they can watch more of your videos.

How can brands take advantage of tent-pole events

You can create videos for major sports events or the launch of a new phone, depending on your niche. But to really make the most of as many such events as possible, you need to include them in your content schedule. Here are a few ways to go about it.

Major Holidays

Mark the major holidays in your schedule and release videos for them about 2-3 weeks in advance. That way, your video would have gained the momentum it needs by the time the big day arrives.

Google Trends

Check Google Trends for the time of the year specific keywords in your niche are searched the most. For instance, if you’re an E-commerce site, you could advertise sports merchandise around the time a major tournament is underway.

News & Social Media

Besides periodic and annual events, there might be major announcements, product releases, conferences, and summits that happen in your industry that you can capitalize on if you stay up to speed. You could follow top sources from your industry on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus for trending topics if you’re primarily targeting a B2C market. LinkedIn groups, among others, are very helpful sources of industry news for B2B marketing. You can use Google News to stay updated with new content in general and Google Alerts for alerts to be sent right to your inbox.


With video marketing being as important as it is today, you cannot rely on keyword research alone for succeeding in your industry. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to make good use of tent-pole events like holidays, sports tournaments, conferences, summits etc. and give your videos enough time to gain traction by the time the event commences.

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