On a Tight Budget? Embrace E-commerce to Boost Your Business!

In a hyper-connected digital world, marketing is undoubtedly, tough and expensive.

Thanks to new platforms, apps, technologies, and services sprouting up every day, the e-commerce industry is moving at a breakneck pace.

The best time to open a cyber-storefront is NOW!

Consider multiple storefronts which include social media powerhouse – Facebook and ensure that it accommodates mobile shopping. Never ever forget to include real-world contact details (like a physical address, phone number etc.).

A recent study has revealed that e-commerce sales account for $1 of every $10 which gets spent on discretionary purchases in the USA alone. The big retailers claim most of that money, about 67 percent, but that number is slowly creeping downward.

Here are a few advantages of rolling your business on an e-commerce bandwagon – online!

Services are freely accessible by literally any customer, from anywhere!

The sky’s the limit with e-commerce. You can reach your target audience in a click and lo behold, the product gets sold! There is no need to get confined by the limits of an area or a single physical store.

Reach out to every location that you can dream of under the sun and reap the benefits of brand new business opportunities. More visibility automatically equated to more sales, and more profit generation.

Of course, it is always important to target a specific audience as your target market, but now this is extendable beyond a geographical limitation.

Small investment (only website + warehouse needed, no need to set up shop + employees)

Launch a free website on wordpress and promote it online on free social media handles. (Yes, free is the key tactic here, use all the free portals to your fullest potential and grab those eyeballs!)

Once you have created a customer base online, early interaction will ensure you a great product. Besides you can address the customer’s needs without spending a dime, thanks to the power of the internet! Clearly, an e-commerce solution helps you juggle too many customers, all at once.

Remember the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank? 50% of them walk in front of the sharks talking about the money that they have spent on their startup. But they are in a situation, where they still want billionaire investors to keep their dreams alive. You will not face such a day ever, thanks to the power of e-commerce!

24×7 operational

Many businesses who do not know about e-commerce, struggle to this day in order to stay open 24/7 due to the multiple overheads. There are staffing issues, budget constraints and what not! What they fail to realise is that an e-commerce store allows you to be open and accessible round the clock!

So say goodbye to increase in overheads. Transactions and payments keep going automatically due to bots or programs that keep running all the time, without human intervention or supervision on an e-commerce site.

Multiple payment options available

People love options and to exercise control over which payment method they want. Limiting them to one option may reduce your chance of selling and instead, might increase your cart abandonment rate.
The last thing you want is for your customer to get all the way to checkout and decide not to proceed due to the lack of payment options available. So, you can offer multiple methods or options of payment to your customer like credit card, debit cards, PayPal, e-wallets, money orders, cashiers checks, cash on delivery and more.
This was earlier, impossible in a physical store but e-commerce makes it possible today. Yeah, get the power of money honey!

Customers from all age groups feel free to engage

By targeting the right target audience, you can get customers from all age groups to purchase from you on e-commerce sites. Remember, customer expectations are soaring and you have to catch up fast! Adapting the e-commerce way is your chance to have an easy run to the finish line.

Tailor customized buckets for your shoppers within your website and throw away the traditional one-size-fits all method. Target age groups and you will surely see results.

Cheap web promotions are more than enough!

There is no need of a costly media investment or physical billboard ads. E-commerce does it all in a click and without any investment at all!

Easy social media integration into buying process – hence automatically word-of-mouth marketing starts

If you aren’t already boasting social sales for your product, kindly rethink your current strategy. Afterall, social media is a potential goldmine for budding e-commerce brands.

This is a proven fact! According to a study, “brands with smart social strategies are 6 times more likely to seal a deal”.

Thanks to the world wide web, today businesses have changed the way they work!!

More so, e-commerce has surely become the backbone of the entire system. It is not only reliable but also allows you to grow your customer base across the length and breadth of your target geographies, while you sit and enjoy a consistent profit inflow from the comfort of your home.

Hence, don’t overlook the benefits that e-commerce can bring to your business, irrespective of whether yours is a large established business or a startup. All the best!

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