The Only Way For A Startup To Get Success In A Market

Selling to your first customer is always great. And if you win your first Customer and impress him with your product, you are in the Right Direction.

Now the Question is “Who will be your first Customers?”

In a business, we can divide its customers into below groups:


Early Adopters

Early Majority

Late Majority


1. Be Unique:

If you want to set yourself apart from the massive competition, the best way to start is focusing your products to cater to a specific niche. As per a book ’22 Laws of Marketing’, you should create a sub-category under a business category you are trying to get in.

Amazon and Flipkart both brands are dealing in thousands of Products and their Marketing campaigns are designed in a way to attract customers by providing them a long range of Products. So what you can do is, focus on single Product Category or focus on a sub-category under a Business-category.

E.g. there is a business Category – Shoes, which further can be divided into Shoes for Men, Women and Kids. Men Shoes can further be divided as ‘Party Wear’, ‘Sports Shoes’ and ‘Sneakers’ etc.

or you can also create your own sub-category e.g. India’s biggest online Shoe Store’ .

In this way, you can setup your brand image for your Business Category.
In business, the one who got the idea and worked on it with a new approach is the innovator. And In your business, you may be the ‘Innovator’.

Early Adopters:

They are the first few customers who try your Products and share their opinion through word of Mouth.

Early Majority:

They are the users who are influenced by Early Adopters. They try a Product only if someone else in their Circle has tried it before.

Late Majority:

They and Laggards come after that. They buy a product when the company is too big and too common or when there is no other option available.

Traditional Approach of Marketing says – “Reach as many people as possible using a marketing campaign for a Broader Audience”

But keep in mind, a startup should not work in this way. You should target your marketing campaigns, especially for Early Adopters as they are the people who are ready to try something new.

For that, you first need to understand how to find your early adopters.

Who are Early Adopters and how to recognize them?

Early adopters are an important part of the consumer base. They are smart, engaged and always looking out for something new. They are usually social leaders who influence their friends and family to buy your product down the line.

The following are some notable traits related to early adopters:

Early adopters compose nearly 15% of the buying population.

Early adopters are connectors; they have a rich network of people and tend to stay in touch with them.

They provide word-of-mouth advertising

In other words, they like to be trendsetters and not trend followers.

In your Business, you can recognize them as:

They are facing a related problem and looking for a solution

They have a budget to try your Solution.

They use new tools to grow their business, they buy new Gadgets. Overall they try new ideas easily as per their field of interest.

Finding your Early Adopters:

Focusing on little target customer group will cause for fear of losing others. But you need to resist the fear because ultimately if you don’t, you have a high risk of never getting to even customer number one.

So Here is a process to find your Early Adopters:

1. Create a Persona: A persona is a semi-fictional character of your ideal ‘Early Adopter’. This includes details like Age, Gender, and Geographical Location etc. To get details about what is Buyer Persona and how to create a Persona, check this link. This will help you understand the mindset of your target Customers.

2. Design a Marketing Campaign for Early Adopters: As per your buyer persona, you can divide your customers into two categories:

a. Users who know their problems that your product can solve. But don’t want to try anything new. They have fear. So for that, your product must be easy to adapt with a free trial and support.

b. And then there are the customers who know about their problems and are looking for a solution.

They can pay u charges instantly, just show them value you are going to give.

So our Marketing campaign should be designed in a way so that it will be easier for a new prospect to try it. You can provide a free trial or make the process easy by another way.

3. Get busy on Social media: Nine out of every ten consumers believe that businesses should take time to answer the question from customers on Facebook. But only 25% of companies actually do this.

Facebook in particular (and social media in general) can be one of the best places to find your early adopters without having to spend a great deal of money on expensive surveys. Interact with your target market on Facebook, and you’ll quickly find your potential early adopter group.

4. ‘Google’ will surely help: People with problem search online. And if you are ranking on some keywords which your target buyers are searching, you will easily reach them. You can create Landing pages in a way to show them about how your business can solve their problem easily.

Once you got your early customers, next target is to make them feel good about your products. You can also ask them to provide you feedback and Testimonials. You can use their feedback to improve and show their testimonials on your Website.

For that, you must have a process through which you can take valuable feedback from your customers and also can delight them so that they will keep buying from you in future and will also share a word of mouth to their family and friends about you.

Wrapping Up

As a startup, your main focus should be on finding the early adopters as per the niche, recognizing them & creating a buyer persona to target them. Also, you should delight your Early Customers by making sure your early adopters are happy with your product and service. If they are not happy, you should ask them what the things that they require are. If they are happy, ask them to give a beautiful testimonial on social media or refer a friend. So it’s not good to target everyone in the beginning, instead of as a startup you should focus on your early adopters first and they will surely help you reach more and more customers in future.

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