Create Amazing Online Stores

Evno's eCommerce Features give web designers maximum flexibility to build beautiful eCommerce
websites that stand out and win more sales.


Catalog Management

Inventory Management

Easy options of controlling of the orders, storage etc.

Easy Manage & Edit Products

Manage and edit the products easily on your online store.

Manage Product Reviews

Every Review on the products is easy to manage on the website.

Tax Rates per as per location

Based on the location, you can easily handle major country and state tax rates.

Vendor Management

Products Updation

Product Edit and Delete options are available on seller panel.

Transaction Report

Seller / Vendor transaction reports available at seller panel.

Multiple Categories

Easy to understand multiple category option on the store.

Stock Availability

Quick and easy way to check the availability of products in our inventory before you place an order.

Customer Service

Order & Account Update Emails

Possibility to change the customer orders or email address instantly.

Customizable Order Emails

Manage and edit the products easily on your online store.

SMS alerts on new orders

Get SMS notifications on new orders instantly.

Sales and Marketing

SMS & email notification

Receive an SMS alert/notification for every incoming emails instantly.

Live chat Integration

Integrated LiveChat option on your store site to effectively close sales.

Notifications on mobile app

Get real-time notifications on your mobile through mob app.

Hosting & SEO

Secured hosting & payment

Secure and convenient hosting & payment gateway service on your store.

SSL certificate

Integrated Secure Sockets Layer facility on the website.

SEO friendly URL

Get every URL SEO friendly for the search engine.

Analytics & Reports

Integrated Google analytics

Get complete report through integrated Google Analytic option.

Visitor analytics data

Easy to see every visitor’s data on your online store panel.

Detailed traffic source analytics

Get every detailed information about visitor, new users, sessions etc.

Build and Design

Stunning design templates

A variety of templates are available to choose from.

Customize main menu

Get customized main menu to alter anything easily.

Bulk inventory upload

Options to upload inventory in bulk.

Add static pages

Add as many as static pages on the store.

Store Management

Alert & notification on low stock

Get Alert and notifications instantly on the low stock.

Bulk import/export data

Performance reports options to track everything about your store.

Google adwords & Facebook Pixel integration

Google Adwords & Facebook Pixel integration on the site.