Mobile is Everywhere, Wherever You Go

Get mobile Application for your business & start getting
orders on the go!


72% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy.

With no mobile app, you are losing out on a large number of potential
customers. The app helps your customers to stay connected with your business any time.

Why A Business Requires A Mobile Application?

At Evno, we lay the foundations for a successful website design by using a structured approach to digital strategy implementation. We work together in developing a winning strategy by taking into consideration:

Customers want everything in one click and mobile app helps them save energy and time both.

To shop efficiently from any place.

To inform customers about the latest updates, send order notifications & updates to users in one go.

User experience

Your customers are always using smart phones to shop when they are on the go, at work or somewhere else. Evno offers the flexibility to optimize your online store for every device. Through our Mobile applications, your customers can search for various products and shop wherever they are, and in a simple way.

Mobile App Features

Error-Free Functionality

Easy Usability

Totally Secure

Tactical UI Design